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Water Based Concrete Exterior Sealer

ProSeal 896

Sealing concrete in the past has usually been a ‘come back when cured process’.  ProSeal 896 has changed the way we seal by being –

  • Safer, Water Based & No VOCs  – Environmentally friendly! Most concrete sealers use oil or toxic chemicals. Our sealers are water based and have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – in other words, they will not kill your plants and damage your waterways.
  • Faster & Easier Application Methods – Our spray-on method is super-quick to apply, whilst still providing an extensive coating. Other sealants require a roll-on method with multiple coats (normally a couple of hours between coats). This quite often means the contractor is charging you for extra time on site, and quite possibly extra travel to complete the job.
  • Less Labour and Materials Required
  • It contains a unique, specially designed, acrylic co-polymer. Once cured this ProSeal will not re-emulsify in water or most other solvents and common chemicals. This guarantees increased strength, durability and chemical resistance.
  • It is a true nano sealer that penetrates deep into porous surfaces, using water as a conduit, for the ultimate in adhesion.
  • As the ProSeal dries, the polymer chains cross-link together to form a matrix seal. This matrix locks together everything in the top layers of the surface. This provides outstanding strength, stain resistance and durability. The top of this matrix forms a tough film on the surface that acts as a wear layer.
  • It is breathable. Moisture can pass through the sealer as vapour. This enables any water that gets into the substrate to escape without damaging the sealer or the material being sealed. Water can get into the substrate through control joints, sealer failures and through rising damp. Sealers that can’t breathe will delaminate from the surface as the water vapour tries to escape. Therefore, a breathable sealer is a must in all outdoor applications.
  • It can be applied in almost all weather conditions. Solvent acrylic sealer requires the substrate to contain less than 5% moisture and for the surface temperature to be between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius. Pro Seal loves water and is not negatively affected by hot or cold temperatures so you can seal all year round. The only time you can’t seal is while it is raining, simply because the rain will wash away the uncured sealer.
  • Since ProSeal 896 is applied to a wet surface, it can be used straight after pressure cleaning. Or applied to new concrete as soon as it’s hard enough to walk on. So, ProSeal 896 provides the earliest possible stain protection. Why wait for surfaces to dry when you can seal straight away?
  • Applying ProSeal 896 on the day of a pour increases the hardness and durability of the concrete by improving curing. Plus, it provides stain resistance before any spills can occur. Apply immediately after power trowelling for a super strong and durable floor finish.
  • Superior Stain Resistance – ProSeal 896 is cutting edge, UV stabilised, commercial grade concentrates that are applied to water. The patented technology bonds better with evaporating moisture in concrete and provides a superior resistance to mould, dirt and grease.
  • ProSeal 896 will not turn white in wet conditions, will not yellow, and will never flake or peel.


ProSeal 896 dries CLEAR


  • Versatile sealer for all types of new and existing concrete and paved surfaces
  • Developed with MRT Science (Moisture Retention Technology) aiding in the curing of new installation cement based materials
  • Protection for new concrete from DAY ONE
  • Applied to wet substrate, saving time & money
  • Highest level of Oil – Dirt Stain Resistance
  • Minimises surface cracking
  • Eco-Friendly Non Hazardous Material
  • Easy water clean up
  • UV Stable / Industrial Grade Pure Acrylic Sealer
  • Will not delaminate or turn yellow over time
  • Commercial/Industrial Grade


ProSeal 896 can be used with confidence to seal and provide stain protection for new & old concrete, exposed aggregate, liquid limestone, clay & concrete pavers, and all types of natural stone.

ProSeal 896:

  • is effective as a curing agent for new concrete
  • is an effective solution for repairing dusting concrete
  • is a penetrating sealer
  • provides superior stain-protection
  • is a great option for pressure clean & seal jobs as it enables you to get the job cleaned & sealed on the same day
  • is an excellent sealing option for driveways, alfrescos, around pools, shopping centres, commercial sites, common walkways etc

Doesn’t need to be stripped off prior to reapplication.  While ProSeal 896 will remain in the substrate and provide protection for 15+ years it is recommended that a re-coat be applied to the surface once every 3 years to maintain best surface appearance. This is particularly relevant in high traffic areas.


Curing Time:
– Touch dry: 30-60 minutes
– Foot Traffic: 24 hours
– Vehicle Traffic: 72 hours

Environment & Safety

  • Water-based
  • Contains no petroleum solvents or silicone compounds
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • 100% biodegradable

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