Softwash House Washing

Keep Your Home Looking Perfect

Softwash Cleaning is the easiest and most effective way to maintain your home’s exterior. High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast’s house wash process combines safe pressure with cleaning agents to remove mould, dirt, mildew, and algae from your home. Don’t neglect your largest investment, give us a call today.

  • Safely Clean Surfaces
  • Fend Off Costly Repairs
  • Maintain PropertyValue

High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast has a fast, affordable solution

Our Softwash House Cleaning system is ideal for all types of home surfaces including brick, wood, render, and more.

The Softwash process includes an application of our anti-microbial treatment that neutralizes organic growth from your home’s siding and inhibit future build-up. This is all done with low pressure – to ensure there is no damage done to your largest asset!

Do not endure another day of living in a dirty house. The professionals at High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast can keep your home looking its best and help prevent costly  repair or replacement expenses.

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What’s Included When We Clean Your House

  1. Our unique formulated anti-microbial treatment is sprayed onto all surfaces, from the external of the gutters down to the ground of your house, where it begins to emulsify the build-up of grime, killing mould, mildew and soften cobwebs, making them easier to remove.This includes: External Gutters, Eaves, Windows (basic clean and left to dry), Underside of your pergola roof (if attached to the house), Screens (not removed from the windows), Walls, Railings/Balustrading, Balconies, Poles, Window Awnings
  2. Where necessary, surfaces are scrubbed with soft brushes to remove any stubborn stains* or spots
  3. Surfaces are then rinsed off, removing any access dirt and grime.

    *Some stains and marks may be irremovable

Come Home to a Perfect Clean

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pulling up to a freshly washed house. With High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast, it’s never been easier to give your home the attention it deserves.

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Maintain Your Largest Investment

Our pressure cleaning experts clean hundreds of homes, just like yours, every year. Schedule your clean over the phone in minutes, we’ll handle the rest.

Remove Harmful Dirt, Mildew, & Algae

The longer contaminants have to sit on your home’s exterior, the longer they have to stain and cause harm. Help prevent permanent damage with routine maintenance.

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Benefits of routine house washing

Annual power washing is the easiest and most effective way to keep your home looking beautiful year-round.

  • Safely Clean Surfaces
  • Fend Off Costly Repairs
  • Maintain PropertyValue


Choosing High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast to clean and maintain your home starts with a quick phone call to a trained and experienced pressure washing expert who is familiar with all types of siding, concrete, and paved surfaces.


First our team will briefly ask you some questions about your property, what you’re seeing that prompted the call, and how often you have these surfaces cleaned.  Here are some topics that are covered on most calls:

  • Surfaces you’re looking to have cleaned (house wash, driveway, shade sails, fence, patio) and what they’re made of. If you don’t know or aren’t sure, don’t worry – we can help identify them!
  • The address where these services will be performed. We will also grab an email address to send you a confirmation of when we will attend your property.
  • The condition of the surfaces in question. Are you seeing general dirt and grime, or has the surface become infested with algae and mould?  Not to worry, we’re experts at delivering perfect results no matter the condition.

We always like to call around to your property to provide you a quote. This way we can check things like: access for equipment, water pressure, and condition of the surface being cleaned.

Lastly, here’s what you can expect on your date of service:

  • We ask that your doors and windows be closed (we don’t want to wash the living room furniture!) and we’ll also need access to a working water tap.
  • There’s no need to be home – go about your day and enjoy yourself! We perform all services while you’re out and about, so you can simply come home to a perfectly clean home.

If you’re ready for us to get to work, call us at 0432 264 606 to be connected to an expert who is ready to help!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

At High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast, we guarantee to deliver the best results possible for your property using our effective processes