When is the best time to seal concrete?

The best time to seal with Pro-Seal 896 is within 24hrs of being poured, as soon you can walk on the slab and push a broom around without marking the concrete, it’s ready to seal. The concrete will never be this clean or free of contaminants again and will only require a good hose down before application.

If you have an existing concrete driveway, path, or pad, you need to have professionally high pressure cleaned then while still wet apply a flood coat of Wet Surface Sealer.

Note; not even the most experienced high pressure cleaner can remove all stain, the deeper they move into the pores surface concrete the harder they will be to remove, that why we say seal it sooner rather than later, don’t go to battle tomorrow to remove stains that can be prevented today.

It is a basic understanding that concrete requires at least 30 days curing time

before it can be properly sealed. This is old school thinking based on the simple fact that oil and water do not mix.

Traditionally oil based or xylene, (commonly referred to as solvent based), sealers have been used to treat concrete. The 30 day waiting period for these products is required so moisture is not trapped within the concrete to compromise the seal.

Applied to new concrete, our product increases surface impact strength and lowers maintenance. The concrete will be stain proof and easy to clean for 3-5 years*.

Our product is perfect for all heavy traffic concrete areas, and it protects the surface from molds and stains. For the developer/builder this means the surface will look brand new on handover with no tradie damage.

Pro Seal 896 cures quickly – you can walk on it in 12 hours and drive on it with heavy vehicles after just seven days.

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